Naming of Decisions

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Decisions should be named in a precise manner according to their output. There are different styles to name a decision.

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Activity style:

The Decision is labeled in a verb -object style e.g. “calculate the discount”. This style focuses the act of decision making and is especially recommended for the labeling of top-level decisions. Ideally, the label of the top-level decision is equal to the corresponding BPMN-Task.

Output style:

In this style, the output of the decision moves into the center.  For example, the purpose of a decision could be the determining of customer status, so the output is “Standard” or “Gold”.  In this case, a proper label would be” Status of the customer” as the status is shown by the output of the decision. This style is recommended for the labeling of sub decisions.

Question style:

Decisions can also be formulated as a question, for example “What is the status of the customer?”. For sub decisions the output style is recommended, however in some cases the question style is more intuitive.

If you would like to label a decision, double click on it and enter a name with the chosen labeling style.